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How to… reach the right audience at the right time

Ross Murray-Jones, partnerships director at Yplan, discusses how to reach consumers at the right time, in a world cluttered with different messages and distractions.

Murray-Jones says it's important to fit into your audience's daily routine

It’s 7am on a Friday morning. David, a twenty-something Londoner hears his alarm go off. The first thing he does is reach for his phone to check all of his notifications: another DJ Khaled Story on Snapchat -#KeysToSuccess; 26 new followers after that Kygo clip was re-posted by @Kygomusic last night, – awesome; 11 Tinder matches? Good swiping game. Then, as he prepares for work, he opens Citymapper to see what time the bus arrives. Six minutes to grab breakfast?! With Apple Pay enabled that’s no bother as he’ll be less than a minute at Pret.

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How to… cater for branded events

David Ridgway, executive head chef at Smart Group, outlines the issues which need to be considered when it comes to catering for branded events.

Requirements that need to be met for branded events are massively different to standard occasions. Lots of research needs to be undertaken in order to produce completely bespoke menus. For standard events our menu bank would be used as these recipes already contain specifications and costing; for branded events it needs to be an original offering.

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